In the realm of medical librarianship, mental health librarians hold a niche position, influenced by the spectrum of staff and services that address the diverse needs of individuals facing mental health challenges.
Last October, we revived the Yorkshire and Humber Mental Health Library Network, but our ambition didn't stop there. We dared to dream bigger and expand our network nationwide, uniting forces across regions.
After careful research, confirming the absence of active mental health library networks in England, we opened our arms to colleagues across different mailing lists, inviting them to our first virtual meeting.
In November, we held our inaugural gathering, welcoming 20 colleagues from various NHS trusts. The consensus was clear: regular meetings were essential to address specific mental health-related practices, such as bulletins, stock collection, and training.
Through regular bimonthly meetings, we aim to engage in meaningful discussions, exchanging expertise and exploring innovative approaches to mental health information provision. So far we have reached engagements with 33 librarians working across 22 organisations. Enjoy the map, sorry it speaks Italian but it gives a flavour of our network reach.
My personal reflection about this network is that it's not about reaching the destination overnight; it's about enjoying the journey and making a meaningful difference along the way.
Our next meeting will take place on 16th January 2024 3pm to 4pm. If you want to join the Network send me an email.

Federica Bianchini
Library Manager at Bradford District Care NHS Trust