Given the significant developments of 2020 it is possible that the NHS Library and Knowledge Services Quality and Improvement Outcomes Framework, the new self-assessment process for how organisations make use of the skills and services of the library and knowledge specialist workforce may well have been moved down the list of priorities for Library and Knowledge staff. 


You might recall that the deadline for the submission of the first self-assessment was delayed until June 2021 to allow the NHS workforce to focus on the response to Covid-19.  As this date now starts to move ever closer here are a few reminders for those involved in your organisation’s self-assessment:

  • You can find recorded webinars and documentation relating to the Quality and Improvement Outcomes Framework on the Knowledge for Healthcare Blog
  • The baseline (first) submission will now cover the period April 2019-March 2021. This means that if you had already prepared material for submission this year you can still use it in your submission in 2021, alongside more recent material.
  • If you have been involved in supporting your organisation’s response to Covid-19 through your Library and Knowledge service provision, then tell us about it. There have been examples of library and knowledge specialists supporting the knowledge needs of Nightingale Hospitals, Gold, Silver, Bronze Command Teams, and numerous other areas directly related to Covid-19.  As a national and local priority Covid-19 offer a great chance for you to show how your knowledge and library skills are aligned to your organisation’s work.  Equally if you did not get a chance to be involved during Covid-19 but have helped your organisation in other ways please do tell us about that.
  • During 2019 and early 2020 some patches within the North had arranged face to face and virtual meetings to discuss the Outcomes, share ideas with network colleagues, and query any areas of misunderstanding. If your patch missed out on this and would find a session like this useful just let us know. These are likely to be virtual sessions in the first instance.

As we move into 2021 there will be further notices and reminders about the Quality and Improvement Outcomes Framework process.  Watch out for these and please get in touch if you have any questions.


Dominic Gilroy
Library and Knowledge Services Development Lead
Directorate of Innovation and Transformation
Health Education England (North West, North East and Yorkshire)
M: 07342 059099