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Library Knowledge Services (North)

Search Strategies

This database has been created to share searches undertaken by LKS staff working across the North.

The searches are shared on the basis that they are intended as a tool for learning, both for those new to literature searching and for those looking to develop more advanced searching skills. 

If you have a search you would like added to the database please send it to



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Strategy Topic Date posted Tags
Engagement Non-clinical 22 Nov 2018 Engagement Wellbeing Workforce
Flexible Working Non-clinical 18 Feb 2019 Flexible Working Wellbeing Workforce
Leader-Member Exchange and Employee Voice Non-clinical 14 May 2019 Employee Voice Leader-Member Exchange Wellbeing Workforce
Leadership Styles and Bullying Non-clinical 06 Aug 2019 Bullying Leadership Wellbeing Workforce
Long-Hours Non-clinical 01 Mar 2019 Long Hours Wellbeing Workforce
Motivation Non-clinical 07 Nov 2018 Motivation Wellbeing Workforce
Musculoskeletal Injuries in Healthcare Staff Non-clinical 30 Apr 2018 Musculoskeletal Injuries Wellbeing Workforce
Pandemic Disaster Recovery Toolkit Non-clinical 17 Apr 2020 Capacity Planning Disaster Recovery Pandemic Wellbeing Workforce Workforce Resilience
Psychological Safety Non-clinical 12 Dec 2018 Psychological Safety Team Performance Wellbeing Workforce
Reducing Sickness Absence Non-clinical 30 Apr 2018 Absence Sickness Wellbeing Workforce
Resilience Non-clinical 30 Jan 2019 Resilience Wellbeing Workforce
Return to Work Non-clinical 30 Apr 2018 Returning to Work Wellbeing Work Workforce
Returning to Work after Cancer Non-clinical 09 May 2019 Cancer Returning to Work Wellbeing Workforce
Social Loafing Non-clinical 30 Apr 2018 Social Loafing Wellbeing Workforce
Talent Management Non-clinical 04 Oct 2018 Talent Management Wellbeing Workforce
The Aging Workforce Non-clinical 29 Aug 2019 Aging Wellbeing Workforce
Trauma in Healthcare Staff Non-clinical 28 Aug 2019 PTSD Trauma Wellbeing Workforce
Work and the Menopause Non-clinical 04 Jun 2019 Menopause Wellbeing Workforce