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Library Knowledge Services (North)

2017 YOHHLNet Awards

Moments of Magic Award
This award is aimed at recognising colleagues who go above and beyond in providing a great service which makes a difference to those around them.

The 2017 winner was Katie Smith, Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust
"Katie has been in her role of Graduate Trainee for just over 12 months. During this time she has been an exemplary member of staff and
has created many moments of magic. Katie has an excellent communication and team working skills - she is a very hard-working and popular member of the team. However it is her rapport and understanding of the needs of our customers that creates many moments of magic. She always goes the extra mile - from dealing with detailed enquiries, to re-organising the resources and counter duties. Her work is outstanding and she brings a smile to everyone's face.
One particular example of Katie's work was her idea that we celebrate World Book Night in April this year. We have never done this
before but it proved to be a huge success! It was Katie's idea and she motivated the team to undertake a range of activities. We wore
literary fancy dress, had a bake sale for Mind, had a book swap and Katie obtained lots of copies of "Of Mice and Men" for us to give
away. It was a real success and we had lots of visitors into the library - we also raised over £70 for Mind.
The fact that she is new to library work and that this is her first "proper job" since leaving university that makes her particularly outstanding!"
Katie is described by colleagues as: Enthusiastic, Motivated, Dedicated
Leadership Award
This award aims to recognise excellent leadership skills at any level of seniority regardless of whether the nominee has a formal management role.

The 2017 winner was Janet Sampson, Doncaster and Bassetlaw Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
"Janet has very successfully overseen the establishment of YOHHLNet as an organisation, taking the lead and steering the group
through sometimes unchartered waters. In her chairship of the committee Janet has not lost any opportunity to liaise and collaborate with colleagues in neighbouring networks such as HLN, and LIHNN, and has engaged actively with HCLU to ensure YOHHLNet's voice in decision making and planning. She provides an excellent figurehead for the network, taking the opportunity to promote the group at all opportunities.
In short Janet has been a key driver in the rapid growth and success of the emerging network and an invaluable asset the committee. Winning this award would be an opportunity for us all to say "thank you" to Janet for all the work she has done on her behalf."
Janet is described by colleagues as: Driven, Inclusive, Professional
Innovation Award
This award recognises the investigation, adoption, implementation and evaluation of new ways of delivering LKS.
The 2017 winner of this award was Illingworth Library Team
"Prompted by the loss of our ability to email ‘Everyone’ and contribute at Trust Induction, in 2016 work was conducted looking at ways of communicating with Trust staff. One idea noted in the subsequent report was that Hampshire Healthcare Library Service had a link on their website to ‘Request a visit by a Knowledge Specialist’. A suggestion was made that we could advertise a ‘Book a Librarian’ service, another suggestion was that we should do ‘something outrageous’.
The idea came of linking in the launch with Valentine’s Day with the slogan ‘Make a date, Book a librarian’. Staff sourced heart decorations, created posters and flyers and homemade biscuits. There was an immediate response with people asking particularly for help with clinical searches and reference management. We gave people ‘permission to ask’ for help in a way in which they felt comfortable. Attendees spread the word to colleagues and requested subsequent help from us.
This innovation was built on research, good use of marketing and team commitment to make it work within the short time scale available. The campaign hit the brief improving communications, increasing uptake of services and doing something slightly outrageous, in a fun and quirky way."
Described by colleagues as: Committed, Innovative, Talented
Engagement Award
This award recognises colleagues who are fully engaged with the organisation(s), network, or wider library community for which they provide services, and immerse themselves in the process of responding to these priorities and needs.
The 2017 winner was Sarah Gardner, Doncaster and Bassetlaw Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
"Sarah, as Clinical/Outreach Librarian, is a dedicated professional who is a credit to herself and the service. By engaging with all staff across the Trust, she has introduced many of them to a number of concepts and initiatives to enable improvements in clinical practice, to change and deliver safe working practices and generally improve awareness of, and the importance of evidence.
Sarah has, with clarity, encouragement and without the need to be asked she has led, encouraged and inspired
colleagues to plan and deliver targeted induction programmes, has worked with them closely to improve and revise protocols used in
searching and has recently introduced the concept of peer review processes to improve our services even more and help individuals
recognise their own skills and competencies.
Her commitment, hard work and engaging demeanour has resulted in the service increasing its impact and recognition across the Trust
and also the wider health and library community as part of our partnership working."
Sarah is described by colleagues as Inspiring, Enthusiastic, Dedicated 
Director's Award
This award is presented by David Stewart, Director of Health Libraries North to recognise a colleague who has made a significant contribution to YOHHLNet or library and knowledge services in the region.
The joint 2017 winners are:
Janet Sampson, Doncaster and Bassetlaw Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Sarah Hennessy, South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust
"Choosing the winners, I recognised that the network is much bigger than just its NHS members - including universities, public libraries and charities from across the Yorkshire and Humber region. I also had to think about all the different people that make up YOHHLNet - everyone contributes in some way, so it was never going to be easy to reach a decision.
In the end I decided that two people richly deserved this award. Both have not only impressed me with their professionalism, their enthusiasm and their can-do approach to everything - they also impress those around them as well.
Janet has been a leader across the region for many years, taking an active role in the development of YOHHLNet and becoming its founding Chair. She has in those spare moments also actively volunteered to help deliver Knowledge For Healthcare, chairing its CPD group.
Sarah is the co-Chair of CILIP's Health Libraries Group (HLG) committee and is an active member of the Patient Information Forum Advisory Panel."
- David Stewart