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Library Knowledge Services (North)

2018 YOHHLNet Awards

Moments of Magic Award
This award is aimed at recognising colleagues who go above and beyond in providing a great service which makes a difference to those around them.
The 2018 winner was Carl Challinor, Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust
"For the past few years Carl has been involved in organising Lynfest - a music and arts festival for our inpatient service users. This year
in particular was an absolute triumph as Carl and other members of Trust staff worked with service users to write and perform a musical
- "We are all on a Journey." The musical was emotional, uplifting and absolutely brilliant! It has been performed twice at Lynfield Mount
Hospital to large audiences. It also going to be performed at a York hospital. Producing the musical took a lot of time, hard work and
commitment - it shows Carl's real dedication to helping and supporting the service users.
Carl had a pivotal role in the play, both in terms of writing and performing, but also in his supportive work with the service users. This
goes beyond traditional library work and shows how library staff can be involved in a wide range of activities to support the organization
and patient care.
Carl is now working on the next event - Lynfrost. A winter based Christmas celebration of arts and music for our service users."
Carl is described by colleagues as: Inspiring, Caring, Supportive
Leadership Award
This award aims to recognise excellent leadership skills at any level of seniority regardless of whether the nominee has a formal management role.
The 2018 winner was Rebecca Vaananen, Leeds City Council
"Rebecca manages the PHRC and also the team. I love Rebecca’s leadership style, which she has adapted to suit the individual with
which she is working. Whether she's leading from the front or nudging from the wings, her flexible style has just been so helpful,
positive and constructive. She is remarkable in that she has been able to adapt the mode to suit specific situations, as well as the
members of our team; making it an integral, intrinsic part of how she works.
Rebecca likes to encourage the whole team to contribute to problem‐solving and overcoming challenges. She inspires us to come up
with new ideas and then provides the support and expertise to help us to bring the ideas from conception to fruition. She engenders a
can-do attitude that is intoxicating and empowering. I feel she continues to bring out the best in me because she demonstrates
confidence in my abilities, when I sometimes lack that conviction.
She has also been of immense support to me whilst I’ve struggled
with my mental health. It’s not enough for Rebecca that I’m coping in work – she also wants to know that I’m thriving.
Rebecca has also demonstrated repeatedly how much she wants the PHRC to adapt and survive. Through her leadership, we are not
only delivering a much-needed service to the wider-workforce, of which we can be extremely proud, but we are contributing to the
continued improved health and wellbeing of the people of Leeds."
Rebecca is described by colleagues as: Empowering, Remarkable, Encouraging
Innovation Award
This award recognises the investigation, adoption, implementation and evaluation of new ways of delivering LKS.
The 2018 winner of this award was Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust Library and Knowledge Services Team
"The LKS at LYPFT has created an organisational knowledge portal called the Quality and Improvement Bookcase. This is the first time
and organisational repository has been implemented in the Trust. It has brought together lessons learned from incidents, service
evaluations, clinical audits, research projects, and impact stories into one place to make them accessible.
The project launched in April
2018 and evaluates in October 2018 and we hope to see that it has impacted on how easy it is to find organisational knowledge.
The project was presented at HLG 2018. It is new to the Trust and has gained attention and raised the profile of the library services to the
point they now have a seat at the learning from mortality meetings and support Trustwide clinical governance which has been difficult in
the past."
Described by colleagues as: Passionate, Tenacious, Innovative
Engagement Award
This award recognises colleagues who are fully engaged with the organisation(s), network, or wider library community for which they provide services, and immerse themselves in the process of responding to these priorities and needs.
The 2018 winner was Gill Kaye, Sheffield Children's Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
"Gill is part of a small team providing library services at Sheffield Children’s NHS FT. She is always very proactive, has been clinical
librarian for Surgery and a microsystems coach for Rheumatology who nominated her for a Trust award following a successful campaign
to reduce clinic times. After attending the Knowvember event, Gill was fired with enthusiasm to run a randomised coffee trial at SCH.
She is brilliant at recognising that timing of a new initiative is key to its success illustrated by her suggestion to launch our “Make a date,
Book a Librarian” service on Valentine’s day. Gill arranged to promote the SCH randomised coffee trial at a clinical summit run by the
trust. The summit’s purpose was to help get to know one another across the Trust and find out what different areas of the trust actually
do. Seeing the trial as an extension to the summit, over 50 people signed up to the trial on the day including the chief executive and six
members of his team. Since then the total has risen to over 85. After the event, Gill sent a targeted email to the CAMHS director
resulting in a request to run the RCT or knowledge café for his division.
Gill deserves this award for the way in which she seeks opportunities to engage with the organisation; for her ability to recognize
opportunities to promote the library; for her excellent timing in marketing new initiatives and for her sheer determination in all she does."
Gill is described by colleagues as Irreplaceable, Dedicated, Outstanding
Director's Award
This award is presented by David Stewart, Director of Health Libraries North to recognise a colleague who has made a significant contribution to YOHHLNet or library and knowledge services in the region.
The 2018 winner of the award is: Rebecca Williams, Library and Information Resources Manager, Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust
"Becky started her professional library career as Assistant Librarian at Airedale NHS Trust and then moved to become Senior Librarian there. After a number of years she moved to Bradford District Care Trust to become Library Manager. In her current role, she has the opportunity to undertake a wide range of projects as well as traditional library roles. Becky was also involved in setting up YOHHLNet and has been secretary since its inception, taking on joint chair role from January 2019
She has been a driving force behind the Bradford and Airedale NHS Libraries partnership and is a "go-to" person for help and advice within the Yorkshire and Humber nhs libraries network.
When I visited Becky and her team for the first time I was struck by her enthusiasm and passion for her team and her service and her instant friendly outgoing way of dealing with the world.
I saw how truly embedded Becky is in the life of her Trust when I spoke at the research conference in May this year. Not only had Becky organised the whole thing (as she does every year) but she marshalled everyone and got people from the Chair and the Chief Executive all the way through to students involved in the day. It was a fabulous experience.
So, finally I would like to congratulate Becky on her achievements – long may they continue"
- David Stewart