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Library Knowledge Services (North)

How shadows spread across YOHHLNet

The kindling that stoked the fires of job shadowing across YOHHLNet arose from a yearly staff appraisal with the suggested development plan idea… I want to learn from others……

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LIHNN/HCLU Briefing - July 2019

The LIHNN/HCLU Briefing, including the LIHNN AGM, took place at The Park Royal, Warrington on 9 July 2019. The presentations from the event, where available, are below.Nancy Kline Round - Vicky…

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Getting Retro’ with the planning posse

Members of the Great Up North Conference Planning Team met via Skype on 2nd July to discuss our learning from the recent event. Being good Knowledge Specialists, we chose the Retrospect from the KM Toolkit to help us to identify and record our reflections.…

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