The Northern LKS managers meeting, took place in Newcastle on 11 July 2019. The presentations from the event, where available, are below.


Introduction and Welcome - David Stewart, Director of Health Library and Knowledge Services North

Topol for LKS - Sue Lacey Bryant, Senior Advisor, Knowledge for Healthcare

Getting ready for Quality Improvement Outcomes Framework - Dom Gilroy, LKS Development Manager

STEMClub: working together at the system level - Shona Haining North of England Commissioning Support Unit

One QIO at a time: Getting to grips with a staffing skills audit - Suzanne Wilson


Individuals were asked to feedback what they would do differently as a result of attending this event. Here are some of their responses.

"Gather evidence for Quality and Outcomes Framework"

"Not anything specifically different but will now read The Topol Review"

"Planning a skills audit to help meet QIO requirements. Get more info about book club"

"Share with my colleagues and prepare for quality outcomes framework"

"Consider (and deliver) a way to promote Topol work in Trust"

"Running the skills mix and shared some of the ideas with other colleagues in the organisation"