2018 was a big year for me. After deciding to pursue a mid-life career change away from higher education teaching and research, I started my professional journey as a librarian by enrolling in a Library and Information Management postgraduate course at Manchester Metropolitan University.

Erica Hately

This coincided with a relocation from Norway to the UK, but as Manchester is such a wonderful (and library-filled!) city, it was always more exciting than scary. During my studies, it seemed logical that I would pursue academic librarianship. However, thanks to opportunities to hear from a number of speakers and visitors from HEE and NHS LKS services, I began to realise that health librarianship (in one form or another) had the potential to let me pursue teaching and research support in a public service context with real-world impact.

I was fortunate to secure my first professional role with Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust as an Evidence Reviewer. The Trust is large and spread across a number of sites, so the library and evidence services team engage with users in multiple ways, in person and online. Mersey Care has historically delivered mental health services and now includes community health. So, although I have only been in the role a few months, I have had opportunities to undertake Evidence Reviews in response to diverse, fascinating, and important information needs. I have trained nurses, doctors, apprentices, and researchers in advanced searching and evidence synthesis.

Every day I get to help library users who have come into the physical library looking for resources or support. The network of health librarians across the North (and beyond) has made me feel welcome and supported—I’m so pleased to be joining the community!

Erica Hateley
Evidence Reviewer
Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust