Background: A course ran for 4 weeks in August 2022 for service users at a Low Secure Unit. College courses had not run for some time because of the pandemic. Reading for Wellbeing Groups have been run before as a courses in the Directorate, but not by a Knowledge Specialist. The course was facilitated each week by the Technical Instructor. I prepared a theme with a reading, poem and questions for discussion each week. Recording of feedback and attendance was voluntary. A feedback form using “smiley faces” on a 5-point scale from Very much to Not at all was used to rate if people enjoyed the session and found it helpful. People were also asked if they had learned anything or found it useful, and anything they would change. As courses hadn’t run for some time, I chose a book to read, A Little Aloud.

Results from the Reading for Wellbeing Course
Each session was attended, for at least part of the session, by at least 6 service users or staff. The aim of the QI Project was to improve ratings and satisfaction throughout the course. 11 participants completed feedback forms from sessions. All ratings received for enjoyment and helpfulness of the course were rated “Very much”.

Examples of how the course was useful to people & how to improve it will be used in planning future courses.

• Book selected in advance to read in future from those participating
• Distribute questions at start of session
• Everyone participating in the session
• Listening and concentrating
• Peaceful atmosphere, relaxing, mindfulness
• Expressing your own views
• Informative
• Keeping up with reading skills

In October, Transformation Lead, Vicky Constantine, presented certificates for taking part to participants and the Knowledge Service for facilitating. I am seen here with Vicky and Technical Instructor, Maryann Tizzard.