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Library Knowledge Services (North)

Information for New Members

What is LIHNN?

LIHNN is a network of health libraries and information services in the North West of England. Our region includes Cheshire and Merseyside, Cumbria and Lancashire, Greater Manchester and the Isle of Man. If you're new to the NHS you might find this video from the King's Fud a helpful explainer on its structures and ways of working. You can find out more information about LIHNN on our website and by joining our FutureNHS Space

How does LIHNN membership work?

Organisations pay a membership fee annually on behalf of their library and information staff. Individual membership is also available for a smaller fee. We also have a two-tier membership for retired members or people leaving the network. All network members are entitled to all the benefits listed below.

What are the benefits of LIHNN membership?

  • Access to the LIHNN mailing list to share learning and see updates about events
  • Ongoing sharing of best practice including our annual LIHNN sponsored Service Development Awards
  • Enhanced access to quality resources through collaborative purchasing
  • Increased sector and cross-sector engagement
  • Improving skills – free at point of access CPD opportunities including our annual in-person Christmas Study Day
  • Buddy scheme to support new members (see more info below)
  • Northern Lights newsletter
  • Opportunities to socialise with other members

What happens if I leave the network?

If you leave a role in an organisation who is member and are not going to another role where the organisation pays for membership, you are eligible to retain access to the mailing lists and CPD opportunities by becoming an individual member and paying personally for annual membership. More information on membership is available here:

How is the network governed?

We have a committee made up of network members who volunteer to manage the activity, finances and general running of the network.

We have a Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Web Designer and a Social Secretary as well general  committee members from different roles and services across the network. You can see who our current members are here and can contact the committee via:

What are the mailing lists for and how do I sign up?

There are several mailing lists that you might find it helpful to sign up to as a new starter. They are really useful for keeping up to date, asking questions and generally for sharing information and ideas.

You can sign up for the LIHNN mailing list by contacting Stephen Woods and asking to be added

There is a mailing list for healthcare KLS staff across the country (Lksmanagersengland) and one for staff across the North (Northlks) amongst others.  Click on the list(s) you want to join and fill in your details (scroll down a bit) and submit, you should then be subscribed. Subscriptions need approving but most are completed within 48 hours:

LIS-Medical is an open discussion list for members of the UK health and medical library community and other interested information workers. You can sign up for it here

If you have questions about mailing lists generally, please contact Gil Young

What are LIHNN sub-groups?

Within LIHNN there are several sub-groups with different interests e.g. they share a geography or have a special interest. These currently include:

  • Northern Lights editorial group
  • Greater Manchester Health libraries group
  • Clinical librarians, searchers and trainers group
  • Mental Health Librarians group
  • Cheshire & Mersey (CM) Patch group

If you’d like to get involved in any of the sub-groups please contact their Chairs via the details on their pages:

How can I contact other network members?

The Health Library Services Directory (HLISD) is useful for finding contact information for services and individuals in the North West, and elsewhere in the country.

What is the Buddy Scheme?

The Buddy Scheme is a really informal way to connect new starters with existing members to build connections, share what we know, and support each other. To find out more about the Buddy Scheme and how to sign up see

How can I get involved in the network?

Keep an eye out for upcoming events to get involved. The committee is always looking for new members and we're more than happy to support staff with less, or no, committee experience. You can also sign up for a buddy if you want to get to know other network members or join in on the social events advertised on the list.


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