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Library Knowledge Services (North)

Clinical Librarians, Trainers and Searchers Group

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Terms of Reference

The purpose of the group is to share ideas and best practice to enable the delivery of clinical librarianship services, literature searching services and the provision of LKS skills training across the North West. 

Membership of the group and email list is open to all clinical librarians, library staff who carry out searches as part of their role, and LKS skills trainers employed in the North West. If you are interested in joining the group please contact the Chair.

The Chair of the group will be selected, by the group members, for a maximum 12 month term of office. If a co-chairing arrangement is agreed upon each chair will serve for a maximum of 2 years. Chairs are responsible for working together to organise dates for meetings, drawing up the agenda, and contacting potential speakers.  The work of Chairs is facilitated and supported by HEE Staff and LIHNN Library staff locally.

Meetings are held quarterly online via Microsoft Teams and include an element of CPD activity – either a discussion about a literature search or the critical appraisal of a library research article.

The group welcomes guest attendance from interested parties including students, candidates working towards Cilip qualifications and library knowledge staff working in other sectors. If you would like to attend a meeting please contact the Chair

Chair: Will be undertaken on a rotational basis at the moment

Secretary: Will be undertaken on a rotational basis.

Next Meeting

The next meeting to be arranged. Please contact Olivia Schaff if you would like a link to join the meeting.

Minutes and Papers

January 2023 Minutes  
January 2023 Agenda  
November 2022 Minutes  
November 2022 Agenda  
June 2022 Agenda  
March 2022 Minutes  
March 2022 Agenda  
December 2021 Minutes  
September 2021 Minutes  
September 2021 Agenda  

June 2019 Agenda


June 2019 Minutes


Working from Home Evidence Review


Presentation - Statistics for Health


March 2019 Minutes


Presentation - NHS Research and Development North West


Presentation - It Started With a List


Presentation - Ovid PV Search Builder

December 2018 Minutes  
Presentation - Finding Information in Management and Leadership  
Presentation - Supporting Health and Wellbeing at JET Library  
Presentation - The Darker Side of Social Media  
Presentation - Public Health Searching: Reflections and Practical Tips  
June 2018 Minutes  
Presentation - Twitter for Professional Development  
Presentation - Information Literacy and Research: Perfect Partners  
Presentation - LEAP online  
Presentation - From bright ideas to conference - presentation  
Presentation - From bright ideas to conference - notes  
March 2018 Minutes  
Presentation - Knowledge Management (KM)  
Presentation - Espresso Cafes: A KM Tool   
Espresso Café – Actionable Insights  
Presentation - Getting the Most Out of Conferences  
December 2017 Minutes  
Presentation - PATIENT INFORMATION: The Lie of the Land  
Presentation - Update: Service Transformation E-Learning Project  
Presentation - Diagnostic and screening tests  
September 2017 Minutes  
Presentation - Cochrane and technological developments  
Presentation - Social media and Cochrane UK: making evidence accessible and engaging  
Presentation - Facilitating online critical appraisal sessions for SLTs using Twitter  
Presentation - Systematic reviews - What to watch out for  
June 2017 Minutes  
Presentation - Critical appraisal of RCTs - Bad trials  
Presentation - Journal clubs facilitated by Wirral University Teaching Hospital  
Presentation - All Cat(alogue)s Are Grey - Looking at the sources for locating Grey Literature  
March 2017 Minutes  
Presentation - Supporting Priority Setting Partnerships - Steve Glover  
Presentation - Collaborating and sharing resources to support critical appraisal training across the LIHNN network  
Presentation - 2012 ASM - ‘How Evidence Changes Through The Years’ presented by Professor Mackway-Jones  
Presentation - Statistics in Medicine by John Addison  
December 2016 Minutes  
Presentation - PubMed: a familiarisation session on PubMed and useful features to aid searching - Steve Glover  
September 2016 Actions  
June 2016 Minutes  
Presentation - FISH workshop  
March 2016 Minutes  
Presentation - NICE presentation  
December 2015 Minutes  
Presentation - Systematic Review Service at the University of Manchester - Presentation  
Presentation - Systematic Review Service at the University of Manchester - Phase 1 - 12 Month Pilot Review  
Presentation - Systematic Review Service at the University of Manchester - Annual Report 2014-15
September 2015 Minutes
Presentation - Impact case study of instrument searches for NICE guidelines  
Presentation - Update on strengthening work with research departments at Preston  
Presentation - Wirral University Teaching Hospital Trust Library and Knowledge Service Literature searching protocol (July 2015, Version 4) - see Literature Searching and Evaluation Tools  
June 2015 Minutes  
March 2015 Minutes  
Presentation - Academic Research Nurse - Alison McLoughlin  
December 2014 Minutes  
Presentation - NICE resources for evidence based practice: Supporting the use of NICE resources to help clinicians  
September 2014 Minutes  
June 2014 Minutes  
February 2014 Minutes  
Presentation - NHS Research and Development North West - Dy Lynne Goodacre - Presentation  
December 2013 Minutes  
June 2013 Minutes  
Presentation - Elderly Care & The Knowledge & Evidence Service  
March 2013 Minutes  
Presentation - Evaluation of clinical librarian services in the North West - Executive summary  
Presentation - Evaluation of clinical librarian services in the North West  
Presentation - Report of a case in which information provision has influenced your work or study  
Presentation - Trip - Presentation  
Presentation - Finding evidence in management and leadership - Presentation  
Christmas Study Day (with Trainers Group)    
Presentation - Goodbye and Hello: Accessing NHS Libraries  
Presentation - The SPIDER Search Tool  
SPIDER - Handout  
Presentation - A Passage to India  
Presentation - Biting the Bullet: Costing Our Service  
September 2012 Minutes  
June 2012 Minutes  
February 2012 Minutes  
December 2011 Minutes  
September 2011 Minutes  
June 2011 Minutes  

Literature Searching and Evaluation Tools


Link to bibliographic database guides

Resources for advanced searching by HEE


Wirral University Teaching Hospital Trust Library and Knowledge Service Literature searching protocol (October 2015, Version 4.1)

Digest Tools    

Part 1: Literature search request form


Part 2: Literature search results (report)


Part 3: Literature search results (summary)


Part 4: Literature search evaluation form


Example of the questionnaire


Systematic Reviews


Systematic Review Project


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