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Library Knowledge Services (North)

Knowledge Sharing and Professional Development Fund

HCLU and the LIHNN Co-ordinating Committee are keen to support the principle of knowledge sharing and professional development across the LKS community. 

The Knowledge Sharing and Professional Development Fund has been set up to enable LIHNN members to participate in activities related to knowledge dissemination.  Each application will be judged on a case by case basis, and there is no annual deadline for applications. 

The Knowledge Sharing and Professional Development Fund is available to any LIHNN member who needs financial assistance for activities related to knowledge dissemination. These could be any of the following:

  • Attendance at a conference to present a paper or poster. This doesn’t have to be an LKS conference, applications from members wanting to present at healthcare conferences are encouraged. Funds could cover registration fees, travel, accommodation or a combination of all three.
  • Open access fees for journal articles. To encourage LKS professionals to publish open access articles, part or full funding of fees for publication of articles in journals may be supported.
  • Attendance at a conference for professional development purposes. Applicants will need to demonstrate how they will share knowledge after they have attended.
  • Running a workshop for other LKS staff. Funds could cover venue hire, catering, production of training materials.
  • Poster printing costs. This could be posters for a conference or a LIHNN knowledge sharing event.
  • Research associated costs. Whilst we don’t have the capacity to fund extra staff hours to undertake research, there is the possibility of costs for software, online subscriptions to tools or other associated expenses to be met.
  • Training courses for professional development purposes. This could be outside the field of LKS, and could include things like project management, research methods, writing for publication courses etc.
  • Anything else related to knowledge sharing that isn’t covered by the above list. The more innovative the idea the better!

If you would like to discuss whether the fund is appropriate for your needs, need help with your application or wish to apply for funding then , please contact Gil Young directly.

Page last updated 04/04/19