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Library Knowledge Services (North)

Guardians of the Universe

Just to prove I don’t just attend these things just to have a nice day out (although a day trip to York is always very enjoyable – thank you) Nick Poole’s presentation at the YOHHLNet Summer event, June 2023, on the theme of the celebration of 100 years of CILIP got me thinking.…

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Expanding health literacy awareness at UHMBT

In response to a number of complaints received by the Trust relating to clinical to patient communication, UHMBT Library and Knowledge Services (LKS) took part in the Health Literacy Awareness (HLA) trainer sessions provided by HEE. This was in preparation to roll out health literacy sessions for UHMBT staff groups. As the Postgraduate Education Team had teaching programme for the Foundation Year 1 (FY1) doctors, UHMBT LKS was able to deliver HLA as part of this programme. The aim was to deliver sessions to as many staff groups as possible across the Trust.…

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CPD staff collection: a little reminder!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always struggled to keep up with my continuing professional development. Taking time out to learn isn’t exactly easy. In the past, it was possible to take a day out of the workplace to go on a formal training course, but applying that learning to your own situation could be difficult. All that inspiration often faded away in the face of real world work. You might assume ‘Virtual’ training would be better, given you’re not as separated from that real world scenario, but there are different challenges instead. For example, you may not have that all-important time to reflect on what you’ve learned if you’re immediately plunged back into the job at hand, the moment you take off the headset and turn off the webcam.…

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The LIHNN AGM in Liverpool, 6th June

I’m really pleased to be sharing my experience of the recent LIHNN AGM in Liverpool, my first event of this kind. I was amazed by the generosity of the event; pastries, an endless supply of tea, a fantastic lunch and the warm welcome from the organisers.…

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Reflections on my dissertation

Last summer I submitted my master’s dissertation titled ‘What are the challenges faced by NHS libraries with regards to space and how might they be addressed?’. It was punishing and overwhelming but I think I enjoyed writing it. I can now put MA at the end of my email signature and my mum can proudly tell all her friends her son1 has a master’s degree.…

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