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Library Knowledge Services (North)

A new manager at Bradford District Care NHS FT

You are the same, the role is different. Times too Stepping up to management is always a challenge, but especially during COVID-19. I was appointed Library Manager at Bradford District Care NHS FT in June 2020. This is my personal experience transitioning from librarian to manager. There are two elements that helped me navigate this new role.…

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Barnsley Hospital NHS FT Library Service update

Staffing changes: In the summer, Library Technician Sylvie Seton left the trust. The decision was made to appoint an Assistant Librarian role instead of a Library Technician role and Jessica Waite joined the library service in October.…

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Delivering Training Virtually

As we have all learnt to do things in different ways due to the pandemic, we’re increasingly using platforms such as MS Teams to deliver training. Back in September 2020, Heather Steele organised a session in Leeds (for NHS and Public Health Resource Centre librarians) to share our learning of delivering training virtually. We all had different ranges of experiences (some good, some not so good), and we just wanted to learn together.…

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Update from LKS ASE

This was the year that LKS ASE became “normal” having been delivered virtually by staff working from home since 2012. Not surprisingly we haven’t needed to make too many changes to adapt to COVID19. It was business as usual. However, we did contribute some work to the LKS North Blog to share some of the LKS ASE experience. We also produced a guide to COVID19 resources and each month we send out a COVID19 Special Issue of our Current Awareness Service.…

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Redeployment of library staff during ‘lockdown’

At the start of lockdown we were informed that the library team was being re-deployed to support staff induction as the usual group corporate induction could no longer take place. This was to support managers, particularly in clinical areas, to save them time and enable them to concentrate on caring for patients.…

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Adapting to virtual delivery - training course report

As so often in life, timing is everything. In this case, I had spent hours trying to adapt the training course that I deliver together with a colleague to online delivery and I had become really stuck. So the advert for the ‘Adapting to virtual delivery’ course run by the Leeds Health and Care Academy in my emails couldn’t have come at a better time! I immediately signed up to a session on 28th October.…

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