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Library Knowledge Services (North)

Leeds Public Health Resource Centre (PHRC) virtual lunchtime seminars

Leeds Public Health Resource Centre (PHRC) has offered short lunchtime seminars on a range of Public Health topics for many years. Historically the ‘Want to know more about’ (WTKMA) sessions were run face to face in the PHRC which presented a barrier to access for busy frontline staff and was made impossible by the recent pandemic.…

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You Don’t Need to Show Everything

How can a person be in many places at once when it’s not possible to go anywhere? I can imagine the character Jonathan Creek using this line whilst pacing around his windmill, but it is no longer the 1990s and the answer is simple; the internet will take you there. Despite the ubiquitous nature of all things digital, there seemed to be a fresh quality to online meetings and training in 2020 that I hadn’t anticipated. I hadn’t heard of Zoom before March and Microsoft Teams was only just on my radar. Nevertheless, they have proved very useful and have allowed me to see and speak with people based near and far without leaving the building.…

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Looking to the future: Learning from the response to Covid

Following the first wave of Covid, Tracey Pratchett was involved in a trust project to capture key learning to assist with planning for the second wave and inform organisational culture in the longer term. This piece discusses her involvement in the work and reviews the tools that they used to capture learning.…

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ELHT Library creates Oasis!

Expanding our health & wellbeing section was something the East Lancashire Hospital NHS Trust (ELHT) team had talked about back in December 2019, and we had planned to do this early in 2020. However, COVID 19 stopped us in our tracks,…

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Keyll Darree Bistro

This year Keyll Darree was lucky enough to be selected as World Book Night givers. We wrote an impassioned essay about our willingness to throw copies of Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy at people from all sectors of society while yelling at them about how great it was, and the kind people at World Book Night actually believed in us.…

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One to one virtual training sessions – learning as we go

One to one virtual training sessions – learning as we go As we are now unable to go out in person to deliver training in people’s workplaces and our training room is currently full of furniture removed from the library to ensure social distancing we realised that our only option was to deliver our training virtually.…

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